Shout to the Lord (album) mp3 download

Shout to the Lord was recorded live at the Hills Christian Life Centre by Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team.

  1. "Let the Peace of God Reign" (Darlene Zschech)
  2. "I Believe the Promise" (Russell Fragar)
  3. "People Just Like Us" (Fragar)
  4. "Jesus, Jesus" (Geoff Bullock)
  5. "I Will Never Be" (Bullock)
  6. "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" (John Ezzy, Daniel Grul, Steve McPherson)
  7. "Show Me Your Ways" (Fragar)
  8. "All the Power You Need (He's Real)" (Fragar)
  9. "Power of Your Love" (Bullock)
  10. "This Kingdom" (Bullock)
  11. "Father of Creation" (Robert Eastwood)
  12. "Shout to the Lord" (Zschech)

Hillsong 1996 Shout To The Lord