The SWORD Project for Windows

    The SWORD Project for Windows is our Windows Bible Study program. It includes most all functionality that you'd expect from a commercial Bible study tool and even some you wouldn't expect. It works with all of the SWORD module plug-ins available from CrossWire here. Click the image below for a full-size screenshot.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the latest version of The SWORD Project for Windows.
  2. Save the install file somewhere on your computer that you will remember, i.e. 'My Documents' folder.
  3. Once the file is done downloading, double click the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop and find the install file in the folder you downloaded it to. Double click it to start the install program.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
If you need more help, click here for a walkthrough with pictures.

Module Add-ins

    Module Add-ins allow you to expand the functionality and your library of resources for your SWORD-based software. Add-ins consist of Bible translations, commentaries, daily devotionals, lexicons, dictionaries, and other resources. Please choose a category from the list on the left.
    Note: Most software which is built with The SWORD Project engine, that can use these add-in modules, will have a built-in installer that can query this repository and seamlessly download and install these add-ins. Please first check your software to see if it offers this preferred method of installation before manually downloading add-ins from here. 

Bible Texts & Translations

The following are Bible texts and translations that can be used in any SWORD-based Bible program. To download, simply click on the link. For more information about a module, click the Info link beside it.
Please note: Nearly all SWORD programs include an Install Manager, which simplifies downloading and installation of modules. It is strongly recommended that you use an Install Manager if one is available to you. If one is not available for the application you are using, you may download from the list below and extract the ZIP to your SWORD module directory.
SWORD Module Add-ins Installation Instructions

Module NameBurJudson
Book Name1835 Judson Burmese Bible
Module TypeBible