Gospel in Every Language (5fish)

Listen to the Christian gospel spoken in virtually any language using the Gospel in Every Language App (5fish). Access Christian messages from the largest collection of languages in the world (over 5,600 language dialects). Download free content: Bible stories, basic Bible teaching, Scripture, Christian songs and testimonies. The recordings are useful for learning about the Christian faith and sharing lessons with others.

Bible stories have been selected from the Old and New Testaments. They include stories about significant events and people such as the creation of the world, Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, the prophets and Jesus' life, miracles and teaching.

The recordings have been produced by Global Recordings Network (GRN) and other Christian ministries.

Recordings in over 5,600 languages:
Easily access the largest collection of languages and dialects in the world. Languages are grouped by country. They can be identified by variant names or by listening to a sample online.

Listen offline:
Gospel messages can be downloaded for future playback offline. Many recordings are audio-visual displaying high quality colorful illustrations.

YouTube trailer films:
View YouTube videos for many recordings.

Language learning:
Want to learn a new language? Recordings of that language are likely to be found using the 5fish app.

Using 5fish

5fish allows you to download, share, and listen to audiovisual recordings of Gospel messages, Bible stories, teachings and songs in more than 5,500 languages. On the Home screen, tap on the menu icon to navigate to any of the main app screens. The Home screen also contains the 3 main options Add content for browsing through available recordings grouped by language and country, My Library for viewing and organising content, and Help . Have a look at other help topics to read more about how to find, download, play and share recordings.

Finding and Downloading Recordings

To find out about all available recordings, select Add content on the Home screen or from the main menu. The Find screen groups recordings by languages and languages by countries. Start by selecting a country - swipe through the list or start typing the country name using the search function . Then select one of the languages spoken in this country. You will see a list of available recordings in the selected language. Select a recording to see information about its content and download size. Each recording consists of a number of tracks which can be selected individually or all at once for download . Downloaded tracks are stored on your device. Notice that the list of languages displayed for a chosen country on the Find screen can be adjusted to your preferences: Use the context menu to include non-indigenous languages in the list, to show alternate names for each language or to indicate the availability of language samples next to language names in the list . Tap on a language sample to start listening to the sample.

Playing Recordings on Your Device

As soon as a track of a recording has finished downloading onto your device, it is ready to be played anytime you like. One way to start playback is by selecting Manage downloads from the main menu. You will see a list of recordings and each recording showing the number of downloaded tracks. Select a recording to see an overview of included tracks. Tap on the play button to start playing an individual track or all downloaded tracks in the recording. While playing a track, swipe up or down the display to switch between expanded or collapsed view of the 5fish player. The expanded view takes up the whole display and shows images that illustrate the contents of the played track. Use the context menu to switch between track list view mode and script view mode , or tap on the icon at the top to switch to full screen mode. The collapsed view of the 5fish player allows you to do other things in 5fish while continuing to listen to the playback.

Organising Your Content

5fish makes it easy for you to focus just on those languages and recordings which you are most interested in by adding them to My Library . When you select a language on the Find screen, tap on the icon at the top to add all available recordings in this language to the library. For any individual recording, use the context menu to mark the recording as a favourite . On the My Library screen, use the drop down menu at the top to view the library content grouped by individual recordings, languages or recordings categories. Use the context menu to switch between different view modes, to determine a certain sort order, to limit the number of displayed recordings to the favourite ones or to those with at least one downloaded track. When viewing the library contents grouped by language, tap on a language and then on the icon at the top to remove this language from the library.

Sharing 5fish

If you like 5fish, share the app and its recordings with your friends. One place to share a recording from is the My Library screen (grouped by recordings). Long-press the recording and then tap the share icon at the top. You can either just share a download link for the recording or the audio files themselves (if you have downloaded them onto your device). Select from a variety of ways to share such as Email, Facebook or Messaging. You can also share the 5fish app by selecting Share app from the main menu. Again, sharing can include either a download link or the app file itself, and various ways to share are offered. If you want to share the app file, download it first from the GRN server by pressing the button Download 5fish app file .

for iPhone >>> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gospel-in-every-language-5fish/id659138487?mt=8

for Android >>> https://5fish.mobi/android/5fish.apk