Without You -

Without You

01  ကုိယ္ေတာ္မရွိလွ်င္       >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
02  အႀကီးျမတ္ဆံုးဘုရား    >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
03  ကုိယ္ေတာ္ရဲ႕ေရွ႕ေတာ္  >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
04  အစြဲလန္းဆံုး              >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
05  အႏႈိင္းမဲ့ဘုရား            >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
06  အၿမဲဟာေလလုယာ      >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
07  ထာ၀ရအဖ                >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
08  သခင္မရွိခဲ့လွ်င္           >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
09  အုိသန္႔ရွင္း၀ိညာဥ္        >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
10  ကၽြႏ္ုပ္အသံ (၂)          >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး
11  I Need You               >>> ေတးဆုိ  -  | ေတးေရး - ကုိေထြး

S.O.H Ministries was founded in 2003 January 1st. The theme and vision God has given to S.O.H is Worship-Intercession-Reaching out which means that we are to Worship God in Spirit and Truth and Intercede for the people to God and Reaching out our hands with the love of God from our heart to those who are in need for the Spirit, Soul and Body. S.O.H Ministries now has 4 leaders including Rev. Kyaw Zin Htwe( Pastor Ko Htwe ) himself as Leader of the ministry and the Senior Pastor of Sounds of Heaven Worship Center which is the church and Pastor Ko Ye ( Ye Kyaw Thu ),Pastor Bo Gyi ( Sal Tal Shar ), Pastor Oak Soe ( Oak Soe Ko ) as associate pastors. And there are 6 ministries' staffs who are willing to serve the Lord adding to the ministry starting from 2010 and all of them are graduates from the training schools which S.O.H ministries leads. S.O.H has yearly mission trips to various area of Myanmar such as Irrawady Division, Kayar State and Rakhaing State, etc.. as well as 3 months training school which is School of Glory. And we have plans to start a 2 months Discipleship training School in years ahead. The Church is called Sounds of Heaven Worship Center . We expect revival in Myanmar and we want God of revival and we want to be part of His great plan. We request everyone who visit this website to be part of it at least through prayers. God has called this generation to be part of His greatest plan on earth. Every resource God has given to us is for His kingdom's sake. Let us be willing to invest with our strength, talents , time and finances and more importantly with fervent prayers. Harvest is coming!! Workers are still few!!.. And opportunities for the eternal reward are given to us all. Let us run the race on our courses!!...